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Need Clarity In Your Business?

You’re an amazing entrepreneur and I know you can slay many things on your own…
But what if you can do more without slaving away for hours in front of your computer? What if you can impact more lives through your business and grow your revenue in the process?
You need a second brain and an extra pair of hands who will strategize with you and provide structure in your business.

√ Take precious time away from doing what you love to focus on. 

Things you just… don’t – like automation, systems, and workflows.

√ Spend more time working on your business than in it.

√ Struggle to create + prioritize your systems (despite knowing how important they are) while seeing them fall to the bottom of the to-do list every time.

A 2 part session to help you find clairty in your business so you can prioritize the tasks that will drive your business forward.

A one time system setup services where I review and revise your operating systems and create simple systems customized to your business.

* SOPS included. 

Online Business Management services that seamlessly slip behind the scenes of your business while you focus on being the main show.


Client Love

She does amazing, It's like she only works for me.
Terra Foti
She has been my Shero! No matter how inept I feel and sound, she is patient and encouraging and she is always listening. She makes me feel confident.
Tommie English
Authententional Coaching
I have hired a few other virtual assistants in the past and they did not come close to the quality of support that Claire offers.
Dianne Mckinley
INcompassing Education

Alleviate that stress! Focus on your genius Ill take care of the rest.